Topmost Patents In Recent Times

Every day, we keep on listening to new inventions and patents by different people. Nearly, all of them use Patent Illustrator for explaining their products to the general audience. All the big companies like IBM, Apple, Google purchase these patents, in the expectation that they will become the ascendancy in the world. The following instances will give you a fair knowledge about the topmost patents in the world.

Social Media Comic Strips ( Google )

Social Media has more visual content and fewer texts. Nearly, Instagram, Snapchat is becoming more popular. In 2013, Google introduced an app, which allows the user to create comic strips for their daily activities. The inventor is Satish Kumar and texts and panels have been added.

Self-Installing Screen Protector ( Apple )

Self-Installing Screen Protector is a patent invented by Stephen Lynch, Tyson Manullang, Emory Stanford. This technology consists of a sensor, which unearths a cover, around the device, during the fall to prevent the screen from damage. The Patent Illustrator confirms this assertion. The cover consists of shock absorbers, due to modular protectors, which can fold and unfold.

Self- Driving Car Seats ( Ford )

The auto giant Ford is investing heavily in Self Driving Cars. In 2016, Jialiang Le, Mark Cuddihy, ManoharPrasad Rao filed a patent for front seats. The person can move the seat forward and backward, as per requirement. It enables them to enjoy the ride and the vehicle drives to the destination. The seats will be a feature in the cars of the future.

Golf glasses ( Nike )

In 2016, Nike has purchased a patent from its founder Nicholas Leech. In this invention, a wearable glass device which consists of a ball tracking system, as with the processor, for calculating multiple outcomes from the swing. You can see these glasses in the Patent Illustrator.

Weather Predictor ( NASA )

A device was created by John Sutton and Qamar Shams for measuring small variations in the magnetic field. It leads the device to indicate the change in the electromagnetic activity, before an earthquake. NASA obtained weather predictor in 2016 from the inventors to predict earthquakes and storms. So, NASA should study the tectonic activity and weather conditions in advance, to avoid economic loss.

Super Drone ( Amazon )

Another patent that is making headway is Super Drone has been purchased by Amazon. It was designed by a team of 4 inventors namely Michael Paczan, Raphael Hsieh, Michael Elzinga, and Luan Nguyen.

These are few of the topmost and noteworthy patents prevailing in the recent times. Herein, you can get to know the importance of patent illustrations.

So, why not get your professional patents handy and make your business flourish!

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Critical Things To Keep In Mind While Dealing With Patent Drawings

Patent drawings are often referred to the visual forms of the descriptive patent descriptions or inventions that will be offering the best idea and understanding of an invention. Having a patent drawing handy often solves the problem of getting to dig deeper into the complete specifications of any invention or creation.
This is why; patent drawings are gaining up high in the growing world of inventions.
Several specialists today work in the directional setup of delivering some of the finest Patent Drawings in order to ensure that the technical manufacturing stream of the invention doesn’t often face any problems.
However, there are always certain points that need to be kept in consideration while dealing with the patient drawings.

Basic Rules for Patent Drawings Drafting

Following are a few basic rules and points of consideration for creating any patent drawing:-

  • Drawings should be drafted in black and white unless using a colour is the only way to illustrate a part of the invention.
  • All drawings should be as per the scale of the illustration.
  • Inclusion of the identification above each drawing along with the invention name, name of inventor, and application number is a must.
  • All drawings should be submitted on 11-inch by 8.5-inch white paper or A4 paper.
  • The drawing paper used must:
    • Be of non-shiny, flexible nature and free from creases or folds, durable, and white.
    • Be free from erasures, alterations, any sort of over-writings, and interlineations.
  • The margins should at least be maintained 1 inch on the top and left sides, 3/8 inch on the right, and 5/8 inch on the bottom.
  • The drawings must include the scan target points (cross-hairs) on two cater-corner margin corners.
  • None of the drawings must be superimposed over others.
  • Usage of symbols and a legend becomes necessary for describing the invention.
  • Solid black shading except over the bar graphs or colour representation should be avoided.
  • Lead lines guiding the reader from the drawings to the associated symbol described must be used.
  • Each page must be numbered and viewed in order with the Arabic numerals.
  • Holes in the paper must be avoided.
  • Photographs included must follow similar rules in terms of the type, size, and margins of the drawing.

Creation of patent drawings is a must for all sorts of technical inventions taken into account. The prescribed rules need to be taken into account before drafting any of the drawing illustrations. Even a silly mistake in the drawing can ruin the entire project or invention stream.
Professional patent drawing bodies are thus, often recommended in such a course. Holding a rich experience and valid hand over such Patent Illustrations, they tend to not just offer a well detailed and highly stunning diagrammatic drawing for an invention but, also reduce the chances of the drawings getting rejected at the application point. A patent applicant can be sure of getting a non-compromised drawing shaking hands with a pro.

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Illustrations in Patent

Line Drawing is one of the techniques used in making the patent drawings. It is the simplest way to make the drawing. Line does not exist in the real world but to make drawings it is very useful.  People who are making it for the first time, it is a boon for them. But for making the complicated drawings in patent it should be made very carefully. If somebody is making drawings through line drawings he should have some experience in making drawings. The basic purpose of a line drawing is to describe the form with the use of various lines in thickness, lost and found edges, to give direction, flow, volume, and space as well as hatching or shading effects to give lightness or darkness.  No doubt that by line drawings you can easily make these drawings, but there are various points in making the drawings where you should be very careful.  As people are not aware about these facts and they make wrong drawings due to which their application is rejected or delayed. After submitting the application in the USPTO department, the application is reviewed by the patent officials. If anything is missing from the documents the application is rejected. The application may also be rejected due to insufficient drawings, poor drawings, not made clearly etc. The officers send a notice to the inventor to submit the patent drawings again within three months.  Then the inventor has to submit the drawings again. Without the submission of drawings the inventor will not get the patent. In this way, there is a delay in getting the patent to the inventor. Patent Illustration is very important to get the patent.
If you do not want to any delay in getting a patent you should submit all the documents and relevant drawings at once.  If you want to submit these documents in one go without any mistakes then you should hire some professional to make your drawings. As they are professional people they make your drawings properly and within a very less time. They can make any type of drawing like mechanical, biological drawings, drawings of medical devices etc. They are well versed in their respective field. They know each and every fact of the drawing. They will never let your hard work to go waste.


Why Patent Drawings are Important

Line drawing is any image that consists of distinct straight and curved lines placed against a background to represent two dimensional or three dimensional objects. Line art emphasizes form and outline, over color, shading and texture. However, areas of solid pigment and dots can also be used in addition to lines. The lines in a piece of line art may be all of a constant width, of several constant widths, or of freely varying widths. Before the development of photography, line drawings were commonly used by the people by using black ink on the white paper.
Today line drawings are also used in making Patent Illustrations by the experts or professional draftsman. As these drawings are very complicated, these are not easy to make by the person who do not know the basics of the drawings. No doubt they are very easy to make but for the people who make them for the first time will definitely find some difficulties in making them. Inventors should not take risk of taking the patent for their invention because of these drawings only. It is monopoly of an inventor which should not let go waste.  By getting the patent one can easily show his capability and intelligence in the particular field. They make these drawings only if they have some knowledge about the making of these drawings. Hiring a good draftsman to make the drawings is the best option if anyone is not experienced and to save the time also. These people are very experienced in making these drawings and they make your drawings efficiently and properly. As drawings are not required in all inventions, the inventor should ask the patent attorney for making the drawings. Generally these drawings are to be made in black and white. But if your inventions wants colored drawings to explain the invention better the you have to take the permission of the patent officials and you have submit the petition of using the colour in you drawings.
As drawings are very important in getting the patent so, one should be very careful in making Patent Drawings. One thing needs to be remembering that poor or insufficient drawings can led to delay or rejection of the application.


Different Rules of Drawings

Whenever the inventor submits his application to get a patent he should submit all the necessary things like it must be novel, its relevant drawings and the subject matter. All these three things should be required to get a patent. If anyone of these things is missing from this then your application may be rejected. Documents as well as drawings are equally important for getting a patent for the new invention. Drawings do not have the work of art, but they should describe and demonstrate the invention with a great deal of accuracy, and they should be made according to the USPTO department. There are some rules defined by the USPTO government to make these drawings like you should use black ink on white paper, you should use colour in the drawings wherever necessary and submit the petition of using the colour in the drawings. Most important thing is the photographs. In some inventions like scientific gel are not suitable for drawings, for such drawings you can use photographs. The inventions such as physical part of machines, any hardware/software part of the computer etc. drawings are very important. Through these drawings one can easily understand what the inventor is trying to say. The paper on which you are making Patent Drawings should be white, non glossy, flexible, strong and the written part should be on the one side only.  More views in the drawings can better explain your invention. Exploded views and blown-up partial views of specific portion of the invention may be used.  Shading is encouraged where it aids in understanding the invention. Numbers should be used in reference drawing. When using letters, English letters should be used.

You can make your drawings by using CAD software, Corel, line drawings etc. but you should have the proper knowledge about these softwares and the rules given by the USPTO government.  You can easily make these drawings but if you do not find confidence in making these drawings then you can hire some professional draftsman to make these drawings as they are very professional people they know the basics and the rules of these drawings.  You need not to do time waste in making these drawings. You just need give the basic details of your drawings.

As you know that Patent Illustration is very important in getting a patent so why to take risk of rejecting the application due to drawings only.p


What is a Patent?

A patent is legal document which is given to the inventor for his invention. It is the monopoly of the inventor and it cannot be used by any other person for a limited period of time.  For doing the different type of invention it falls into the different category. There are two main categories of patent: Utility Patent and Design Patent.  Utility Patent is given for any new invention of a useful process, machine, manufacture, electronic machines or composition of matter etc. It permits other person to use. After getting a patent license is also issued to the owner.  License brings royalties to the owner if the owner gives it to the other person. The limited time period for the utility patent is 20 years to the date of filing. After 20 years anyone can use it publically. Utility patents are subject to the maintenance of the fees. Utility patent is different from Design patent. Design patent is issued for a new, original and ornamental design for an article of manufacture. The limited time period for this patent is 14 years to the date of filing. After 14 years anyone can use it publically. You need not to pay any fees for the maintenance of the design patent.

To file an application drawings are very important. You should submit drawings along with your invention. Without the proper drawings you cannot get a patent for your application.  You have to submit drawings related to your application. The drawing for the design patent follows the same rules as the other drawings follows, but no reference characters are allowed and the Patent Drawings should clearly render the appearance, since the drawing defines the scope of patent protection. Photographs, including the photocopies of the photographs are not ordinarily permitted in design patent applications. The Patent Office will only accept the photographs if photographs are the only practicable medium for illustrating the claimed invention. For example, photographs of: electrophoresis gels, auto- radiographs, cell cultures, histological tissue cross sections, animals, plants, thin layer chromatography plates, crystalline structures, and, in a design patent application, ornamental effects, are acceptable. If the subject matter of the application admits of illustration by a drawing, the examiner may require a drawing in place of the photograph. Patent Illustrations is very important to get a patent for your application. You can make drawings through the professional draftsman. Please click HERE to Order your Patent Drawings & Illustrations.


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